We believe every child is unique. As they grow and develop through early childhood, their learning process is also unique as they use their favorite and personal interests to ignite curiosity and learn more about the world surrounding them.

Children learn not only through play, but also while expressing themselves through movement, imagination, and all artistic expressions. We value the time spent with peers, essential to build a strong foundation for social skills development. While at our preschool, children will learn new concepts, problem solving, exploring new ideas, learning together, and creating memories.

Our mission is to create a healthy and fun learning environment that is loving and welcoming of all child's different interests and ways of learning. For that reason, here at Apple Tree Beginnings, we follow the KéKAY method, committed to holistic education for body and brain. We teach about awareness of our own space and of others, how to problem solve, learn to play and work as a team, freedom to explore new findings and welcome creative expression, rather with arts and crafts, building things or movement.

Children have a full morning filled with free play, music and movement, dance, nursery rhymes, puzzles and games while also learning about the letter, number, color, and country of the week, reading books, and improving social skills.


Arrival - 8.45am
Children will free play before starting the day.

Welcome - 9.20am
A moment to discuss letters, numbers, shapes, and countries of the week.

Snack – 9.30am
Children will take a break from preschool activities to enjoy their snacks.

Music and Movement - 10am
Children will sing and dance while learning how to move our bodies and follow directions based on songs.

Creativity – 10.30am
Arts and crafts activities based what we are learning this week, improvement creative thinking, hand eye coordination and imagination.

Yoga and Story Time – 10.50am
This is a moment to quiet our minds and bodies and learn some yoga poses. After yoga, we will read a story.

Tumbling – 11.10am
Activity based on basic tumbling classes to improve balance and coordination skills.

Free Play - 11.30am
Children will free play before finishing the day.

Dismissal - 11.45am
Time to go home.

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